Hey, Boy!

Every night you stop and stare at the moon
Every night you want a sweet rendezvous
Spend a night together
Live your life forever for someone true

If you want it, I can give what you want
If you want it, I can give a lot
Get in to my party
Love is getting started tonight. Right!

Hey, boy, come with me
Don’t you feel the harmony?
Hey, boy, come and dance
She is in your hands

Hey, girl, come along
Wanna  let’im take you home
Baby girl, you’ll be free
Feel the harmony

No needs to be shy
Just give it a try

Come on, baby, gotta show what you got
Come on, baby, do you love me or not
You are my desire
Burning me like fire you make me hot

Wanna touch you when you’re moving like this
Wanna taste ya, wanna give you a kiss
Cannot stop my passion

You are my obsession I shout loud